The deceleration begins inside me.

Essential things come to light in fragments and then more and more concretely.

Feelings are knocking and want to be felt.

Memories rise and I gradually recognize more and more my core of being.

My style

  • to learn, deepen, apply and teach healing
  • to develop human networks, connect like - minded people, launch projects, show ways and accompanying individuals
  • „to set the fire of passion“, to cherish and motivate to come together, to train discipline and the art of of serenity
  • to sharpen my tools with an active approach and help others to do so
  • to screen, rate, forecast by using intuition and trusting my inside, to find and apply new ways by an playful approach

something for your ears

Even Lucidity as a key to inner freedom only plays out in a relaxed inner state. As to support you with that we put a little hand made audio trance downloaded from the web of life interwoven with meditative music recorded in a beautiful studio in Berlin with awesome intuitive musicians for you to download or listen here. You’re invited to take a little hide out from your day to day activity and let the energy just flow. Even if you don’t unterstand the words
it gets deepened by repeating from time to time. We wish you some gifts to unfold within you on ways you might even not perceive but be profund. namaste’

Download MP3 trance file (for free)

Otto Schönthaler - piano, Michael Tschernyschewski - guitar, Heiko Jung - bass, Tobias Rauchschindel - Voice and Realization, mixed and produced by Christian Bader in Studio P4, Berlin

My invitation

If you feel for i support you to find out exactly your way how to find your solution for you answering your inner questions and celebrating your solutions. The process used for that i called holographic counselling. It’s a facilitating way of counselling, meaning a way where i’m just holding the room while the solutions „bubble" out of your system as sparking champagne.

If you’ve got questions regarding that just feel free to contact me via my web page scrolling down below. Than we can book an online appointment (Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal or get in contact by the classical way by Phone).

About me

live unfolds as ...
human; man; son; father; friend; lover; care taker; adventurer; bon vivant; traveller and gourmet;

Some people perceive me as …
realy interested, with a hunger for live, positive, being capable and trustworthy,
a good listener,
flexible, open to new things and ways,
careful and cautious,
persistent and interested in expanding consciousness
asking the right questions as an interviewer

ways let into electronic; reiki; pranic healing; shamanism; vesseling; energetic healing work; deeksha; trance; hypnoses; nlp; nac; didge; african drumming; drumming, western tantra;

food management as well as with the focus on food supplementation by an over decades well known product called juice plus.

the basics of handcraft ; yoga; a diversity of meditation and massage techniques; holographic counseling;
DAO Yoga Tatjana Lackmann;
Bioversity and Neuer Mensch, Yod kolischer, Biotic Institute Austria / Teneriffe;
Tony Robbins Mastery University Europe, Hawai, Fiji island
Ista level 1, Montreal
The web of live - Delegate Course (online) der Resonance Academy (Nassim Haramein)
Psychoaktive Medizin - Linas Karalius (Ayahuasca) Schamane Litauen bei "Maria Johanna Amsterdam“
Institut für interdisziplinäre Schwingungserhöhung
Mindflow, India

we get in contact by the vast coincidence of the moment but decide from that moment on which direction to take